Warm Meals at The Clown Club



– Pasta with Spinach and eggs

A great combination of pasta, cream spinach and an egg.


– Nasi

A dish served with nasi vegetables, chicken and rice.

Nasi vegetables include leeks, cabbage, onions, bean sprouts, and tomato.


– Fish sticks, vegetables and apple sauce

Oven baked breaded fish sticks, mixed vegetables and apple sauce.


– Pasta with vegetable sauce

Pasta with a super vegetarian sauce and fresh fruit.


– Pizza

Pizza party: Each group creates its own pizzas with dough and

sauce, tomatoes, cheese, bell peppers, pineapple, ham, etc. as they wish.


Meals are served with water, tea and milk.

Breakfast (before 7.30) and morning and afternoon snacks also include mixed fruits and veggies.

We reserve the right to change what is served on any given day due to unforeseen circumstances.