Calendar 2020

Dates to Note & Holiday Schedule 2020

We are closed on the following days:

Wednesday the 1st of  January – New Year’s Day

Monday the 13th of April – Easter Weekend

Monday the 27th of April – King’s Day

Tuesday the 5th of May – Liberation Day

Thursday the 21st of May  – Ascension Day

Monday the 1st of June – Pentecost/Whit-Monday

Friday the 25th of December – 1st Christmas Day

Thursday the 31st of December – New Year’s Eve

We are closed on the following day at 17.00:

Thursday the 24th of December – Christmas Eve

Celebration days and important dates to remember:

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of March – School photographer

Thursday the 17th of September – Teacher’s day

Friday the 30th of  October  –  We will celebrate Halloween

Thursday the 3rd of December – Sinterklaas visits