Meet the teachers

Meet the Teachers of 2018-2019

All Clown Club teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s level degree in education, social work or medical care, equipping them with the knowledge and experience required to work with young children. Most teachers are permanent staff, having been with TCC for several years. Some teachers are new. Some may be substitutes for teachers on leave. The Clown Club uses only first names to respect our teachers’ privacy. Children often refer to teachers as ‘Juf’ in Dutch or ‘Miss/Ms. …’ in English.  

 Ada has been a teacher here at TCC since 2008 and coordinates the Baby Group. One of Ada’s specialties is the wonderful art work she creates with the babies! Ada is actively busy with the babies’ developmental milestones, truly supporting a partnership with home and with the next daycare group. Ada’s hugs and encouragement are a super benefit for babies!



started working here at TCC in 2007 and coordinates Dutch 1, the Dutch-language toddler group. Deirdre helps create a cozy atmosphere of trust and predictability for our Dutch-language toddlers, while presenting them new challenges as well. Deirdre is very sweet and caring and is a fan of ‘rust en regelmaat,’ meaning rest and regularity. Deirdre is also a mom to a young son and daughter who also love to play at The Clown Club.



 Mariska K, 
who started here at TCC in 2011,  enjoys the burst of development in all the toddlers in Dutch 1, and she especially likes dancing and playing with them and enjoying their language development. Mariska is a very important part of this teaching team! Everyone likes Mariska’s competent and calm manner, including her twin sons!




 Mariska T
 started working here at TCC in 2008. She enjoys active play with children, like kindercise, music and dance. She likes working in the Dutch 1 toddler group with such fun children and friendly colleagues, and she especially enjoys being part of an international children’s center. Mariska has an infant daughter.




began substituting here in 2015 in both the Baby and Dutch 1 groups. Esther is super-sweet, fun and creative, so she fits in with the teaching team. Children, parents and teachers truly appreciate familiar full-time substitutes during long-term leave, like maternity leave. Esther is also the talented artist who painted the clowns!




 Corina started as a student teacher here at The Clown Club in 2000 and stayed on after completing her studies. Corina works in the Baby Room where her professionalism is appreciated by teachers, by children and by parents. Corina is super patient, one of the greatest attributes an early educator can have. She is also a mother herself, so she brings plenty of practical understanding as well. She helps build confidence!




Priscilla began working here in 2000 and coordinates the activities of Dutch 2 & 3. She often works with the older Dutch children to offer them age-appropriate challenges to satisfy their growing curiosity and to better prepare them for BIG school. Priscilla has a great sense of humor, and the children like and need her silly jokes!

 who started working here in 2006, is well known and loved as a super-fun, sweet teacher. In Dutch 2, Laura is able to focus on the children’s preschool development at such an exciting time. Laura especially enjoys using her creativity in her work, inspiring the children to do the same. Laura has a lovely singing voice as well!



began working at The Clown Club in 2012, has worked in several CC groups, most recently Dutch 2 & 3. Alinda is super fun and clever; she’s a joy to work with, and the children love her. So do parents and her colleagues. Alinda has one young son and a baby daughter as the school year begins. We will look forward to Alinda’s return.



 joined us in 1998 and brings her knowledge as a former post-natal nurse and as the mother of four daughters with her daily. Parents, children and teachers value and appreciate Roos’ experience, expertise, creativity and personal values. Roos is a super teacher, and she is passionate about recycling! Roos currently works in English 1, the English-language toddler group.



, who started working with us 1998 is American born and naturalized Dutch. Bryony completed her B.S. in Early Childhood Development in the US and has specialised in international pre-school programs in The Netherlands since. Bryony works in English 1 and is a highly valued and experienced member of TCC’s teaching team. She is also mom to a CC alumnus who is now in his final year at the Dutch ‘basis’ school.



started working here in 2015 and has worked several years (20+) as a preschool teacher, most of which have been in English-language pre-school in The Netherlands. Ynez is originally from the UK where she studied Montessori for Nursery Foundation and Early Childhood. She also completed a Dutch equivalent for educational social workers in daycare. Ynes leads the English-language Preschool, English 2. Ynes is fabulous!



joined us in 2015 and she has several years of experience working with young children both in The Netherlands and in her native South Africa. Jo is unique to TCC staff in that she is completing her Dutch teacher’s training while working in the preschool group, English 2. Jo is hugely popular with the preschoolers, their parents and her colleagues, and we are all so happy she is with us and doing well in her studies.



is completing her student-teaching here at The Clown Club. Sakya assists the groups in a variety of ways as she learns all that is necessary to complete her program. Sakya is supervised the teachers within the groups and a mentor from the office. Sakya contributes greatly to the fun ambiance in the groups and is an asset to The Clown Club.



 has served, since 2012,  as a teacher, an internship supervisor, an administrative assistant and now full-time manager here at The Clown Club. Karin can usually be found behind the desk in the office, providing service and leadership to parents and teachers, as well as to the public. Karin is super-friendly, helpful and talented. She’s also a musician! We like that!



Pieter has been teaching and playing music at TCC for over twenty (20+) years. As a teacher and administrator, as well as our handy renaissance man, Pieter does office work and practical tasks, and Pieter plays guitar -and sometimes piano- for us all. The children light up when Pieter arrives to make music. Sing-Alongs are fun and popular with children and teachers alike! Parents also often enjoy joining in this fun Clown Club tradition.

Amy is a psychologist and the founder of TCC. For over twenty-five (25) years Amy has been supporting children, teachers and parents through intercultural and educational transitions. Amy is committed to excellence in international childcare. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Magna cum Laude, Columbia College) and many training certificates in areas such as mindfulness meditation, Personal Coaching, and Parents as Teachers, Amy has dual Master’s degrees from Webster University in Leiden as well. Amy’s children started at TCC as babies and now study at university, one in Holland, one in the US.