Our teaching team is international. The qualified staff members have a diploma which is in accordance with the ‘CAO Kinderopvang’. Additionally all teachers follow the course for children´s first aid yearly and a number of employees are emergency response officers (BHV). All staff members are required to have a positive statement of good behavior (in Dutch Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag).


Coorporation and open communication between our staff and parents are essential for the care and trust of the children. This contact has the formal purpose of exchanging information about children and also an important informal purpose of encouraging a friendly yet professional relationship among teachers and parents. To observe children’s behavior is one of the main tasks of the teachers in the group. To follow the development of the children an observation list will be filled in at fixed age moments by a teacher of the group. When there are concerns about the behavior of a certain child, the teachers will discuss this internally, as well as with the parents.

As a recognized learning center, we also offer, along side our many experienced childcare professionals, placement to student teachers.  These students work and study and are under the supervision of our student supervisors.