The Clown Club is an international child care center that was established in 1995. We provide care for children between 10 weeks and 5 years old in a group environment with the competent care of qualified teachers. These qualifications are in accordance to the CAO Kinderopvang. There are English speaking and Dutch speaking groups. The teaching team is also international.

Every child is unique and full of potential. A child should be able to develop in a safe and secure environment. This is the foundation of our view on education and educational responsibility, formed by competent teachers and management with an open mind on new and existing theories and procedures.

For a part of the work week, parents entrust the child care center with the responsibilities of raising their child. The Clown Club strives to achieve the maximum cohesiveness with the upbringing at home. The child care center also has its own responsibility of raising the children in a group atmosphere; this is not only a replacement but also an addition to the upbringing from home. With the understanding that parents always have the final responsibility, open communication is a condition for sharing the upbringing responsibility.



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