English 2

In English 2 there are children from 2 to 5 years old. Besides providing a safe and familiar environment, the different areas of development are stimulated through play. We do this by using different materials such as: blocks, dress-up clothes, dolls, books and craft materials.


In our group we work with themes such as the seasons. Based on these themes, the children learn new words, their imagination is stimulated and social interaction between the children and the group leaders is encouraged. Our aim is that all children can do as much as possible themselves, of course with support and guidance when needed. We believe it is important that they are prepared mentally, physically and socially/emotionally for elementary school. We do this in various ways, from activities in the circle to one-on-one moments with the children. Every morning we do circle time with the children. We begin by singing our “Good Morning” song, we greet each other and then we sing songs, read stories and talk about the theme.

The maximum of children in this group is 16.


The English 2 teachers are, Prudence and Ynez.