Preschool – English 2

A child, aged thirty to sixty months, is in the height of development. By offering a safe and secure environment we stimulate different developmental areas. In the English 2 group children play with materials which support different developmental areas, such as building, imaginary play, puzzles and reading books.


We work with a system of themes in our group. Every two months there is a new theme. Some themes are transport, the jungle, space, all about numbers, the alphabet, International Day, holidays etc. Our ambition is that all children can do a task as much as possible by themselves, of course with support and guidance if necessary. It is important to us that they are prepared mentally, physically and social/emotionally for the primary school, of course within the possibilities of the individual child. We do this in different ways, from activities during circle time to individual learning moments with the children. Each morning we do circle time with the children. We start by singing our “Good Morning” song, we say “Hello” to all the children and teachers and then we sing songs, read stories and talk about our themes.

When the children move on to the primary school: they go with a sense of independence and a curiosity to keep on learning and discovering.

The maximum of children in this group is 16.


The English 2 teachers are Ynez and Prudence.