To guarantee the continuity of the groups we have set up a minimum of 2 days and maximum of 5 days of child care per week. This way it is easier for children to become attached to and adjust to becoming accustomed to the childcare center. 

The Clown Club has Dutch and English language groups. Children of Dutch parents are placed in a Dutch language group where only Dutch is spoken by the teachers. Children of parents from other nationalities are placed in an English language group where only English is spoken by the teachers.

The children receive placement by the order of their application.

You can sign up for free and with no obligation by clicking on the following link:  register at The Clown Club .

You are more than welcome to visit us. Please call us to make an appointment, so we can have plenty of time to show you around and inform you about our day care.

You can click on the following link to download our general conditions:


General terms and Conditions for Childcare      Dutch2_3_clownsclub_3