Dutch 1

Dutch 1 houses children ages 8 to 30 months. Besides offering a safe and familiar environment, we stimulate different developments in a playful manner. In doing so, we match the needs and developmental stage of the children as closely as possible.


The group space is designed in such a way that there are different corners and sections can be closed off. This makes it a safe space for the younger children in the group and makes it easy to offer a group of children separate activities. We stimulate the children’s development in different ways, always through play. For example, we have different play materials for the children, such as cuddly toys, cars, blocks and puzzles. The children also have plenty of space on the floor to move freely.

Every meal is a pleasant moment together at the table. Songs are sung, a book is read and there is space to tell something to the teachers or the other children. We work with themes in which we try to connect as much as possible to the experiences of the children. The theme is discussed during this common moment at the table.

The maximum number of children in this group is 15.


The teachers of Dutch 1 are Daphne, Nazanin and Romy.