When babies start in the Babyroom (from 10 weeks old) they are completely dependent on the teachers. We try to help them feel safe and secure with us by creating a safe and secure environment. We do this by listening and paying attention to them, by observing their body language and by going along with the needs of the children. This way their development will be encouraged. During their time in the Babyroom, we stimulate the babies on various developmental areas.


The little ones in the Babyroom have their own daily eating and sleeping schedule. By mutual agreement with the parents, we review and adjust this schedule regularly. The older the babies get the more their schedule will adapt to the daily schedule of the toddlers. This will also make the transition to the Toddler Room easier.

The maximum of children in this room is 6.


The teachers of the Babyroom are Ada, Corina and Daniëlle.