Client Reviews

Lenneke (ouder van English 2): “Kleinschalig en persoonlijk. Lieve leidsters die betrokken zijn bij de kinderen. Er wordt veel gedaan om de kinderen te stimuleren in de ontwikkeling. Fijn contact tussen ouders en leidsters.”

Henrike de Wit (ouder van Baby Room): “Fantastisch kinderdagverblijf! Je kunt je kind met een gerust hart bij deze super professionele en betrokken dames achterlaten. Je krijgt er een leergierig, gelukkig en blij kind voor terug. Wat wil je nog meer?”

Margje en Johannes (ouders van Baby Room): “Super kinderdagverblijf! Juliette gaat er met veel plezier naartoe en wij laten haar met een gerust hart achter.”

Galina (parent of English 2): “We would like to say thank you for all your effort and care for our son. We don’t regret bringing our kid over to you. All our family has the highest respect for the teachers from the Preschool and Toddlers. We are very grateful to the staff. Great team passionate and experienced with love and care to children! Hope to see you all again later when we bring our other son to The Clown Club!”

Katie and Dougie (parents of English 1): “Having no family close by us in the Netherlands we still pinch ourselves to have been lucky enough to find The Clown Club on our doorstep, it feels like an extended family for for us all! The staff can not do enough for our son and it is so good to see the smile from ear to ear on his little face when I collect him from such a fun day of activities! The international environment is great and it is wonderful that Lewis gets to interact with children of different nationalities and ages. I am eternally thankful for not only the love they show my little boy but also the flexibility the Clown Club show to me due to my unpredictable working hours, they regularly save me from a storm! We could not recommend this place highly enough, it feels so warm, safe and fun!”

Prudence Stone (parent of English 2): “The Clown Club is a wonderful day care in Wassenaar. The staff are supportive and nurturing for the little ones. We will miss going to The Clown Club!”